Istikhara Meaning That Most People Aren't Aware Of


You pray those two rakats of prayer. One ought to sleep with Wudu. Thirdly, I received istikhara done. This technique and the procedure of performing Istikhara is applicable in such circumstances when one has to make a major decision. After that, the dua needs to be made out of total concentration. It's haram to utilise Quran for future telling.

The term istikharah comes from the main word of khayr. Lesser qualities are just referred to as kharaz or beads. Our istikhara services are given to you by an incredibly specialist, who will provide you with istikhara together with directions of making it use. You feel as though you don't have accessibility to Allah. There isn't any limit on the quantity of times you're able to pray Salat-ul-Istikhara. The term istikhrah comes from the main word of their meaning goddess. Wazifa has turned into the most pleasant company, which surely grow your wellbeing.

Ruthless Istikhara Meaning Strategies Exploited

The example above is of someone who isn't decisive. If somebody is charging you, you should stay away from that entire circumstance. Otherwise, he can feel free and should feel free to go ahead and verbalise it. As an example of its use in matters of health, he goes to a specialist doctor, to his problem to be diagnosed as one needing surgical treatment. You're the person who is equipped to perceive the most invisible and unknown elements of others. In a nutshell, life is merely fantastic for you. Sometimes it is difficult to grasp the significance of the Istikhara dream.

Dreaming of rice only usually means that you ought to reach out to your pals and acquaintances. Also, it isn't necessary to observe a dream after doing Istikharah. In cases like this, every one of the dreams acted as a feedback as opposed to future prediction. Overall it seems positive. Interpreting dream is simpler if you previously know the individual's background well. It isn't safe to talk about your dreams with random individuals, especially on a global scale. It isn't essential that you receive a dream or maybe a feeling.

You don't need to make any additional du'a' after that. Then the supplication continues and continues. What a beautifully complete supplication. What a detailed supplication. This prayer is advised to be done at least one time in your existence. It's more virtuous to do sunnah prayers at home. It's not sunnah, but it might be permissible to do prayers in congregation.

There isn't any validity, there is absolutely no precedent, and there's simply no authenticity to having somebody do istikhrah for your benefit. There is absolutely no validity, there is absolutely no precedent, and there's zero authenticity to having somebody do istikharah for your benefit. The interpretation of dreams is a unique knowledge that some individuals have. It looks like you must be patiently waiting until they provide you with the understanding. For the note, if you prefer to get in touch with me for dream interpretation, then don't hesitate to accomplish this, I won't reject you.

There are two kinds of people in regards to making a determination. It's not something you base a decision on. When it's your private choice, make your very own istikhrah. If it's so, then there are not any other considerations according to Islam. Keep doing it until you are feeling confident and comfortable in deciding. Definitely, when it's your personal choice, make your very own istikharah. Now you're seeking counsel and advice:

  • There are several locations where you can come across PDFs of the Sahih Bukhari volumes. It doesn't come to the one who doesn't want to be guided or who doesn't do the job hard adequate to be guided.

  • Islam is one thing Culture another thing. And I do not require anything else. Never attempt to purchase a Taveez or anything such as this from Fake Peers kind of individuals.

  • Subsequently the following day again I received a favourable effect each morning. I promise you that you'll have bad days and beautiful days in your regular living. Istikhara isn't about having a dream.

  • That's the tendency of everyday life. Someone would like to earn istikhra on a particular issue.

  • Regarding the clients, I'll need to address them by myself with Allah's Help, InShaaAllah! And Allah understands finest; He's the All-Seeing, All-Hearing, the finest Administrator.

  • It's authorised if his alt isn't legislated.You do this preceding thing before going to bed. She blushed and hurried from the room.

  • Choosing Islam is among those options. Spiritual guidance is the finest gift that someone can possess.

  • Therefore I am mistaken concerning the effect of the istikhara. What I'm speaking about is a person psychology in handling hardships.

  • A guy and I've been discussing marriage for some time now. Istikhara is a final resort and shouldn't be abused.

  • In my opinion, that's my primary question. Very finest Istikhara Method recommended by the majority of scholars.To put it differently, there are things that we ought to despise for the interest of God. And Alhamdullilah, I received my response.

  • Lastly, one should be patient regarding receiving the response for their prayers. There's no limit on the quantity of times you're able to pray Salat-ul-Istikhara.

You Understand everything, and I don't know, and You Have got the comprehension of the unseen.In reality the decisions or decision isn't difficult, but sometimes we don't understand that what's good for all of us and what's awful for all of us. Rage is a favourable emotion.

Top Istikhara for Marriage Secrets

One needs to be satisfied with what Allah chooses for them, and not seek to follow an individual's whims after the response to somebody's supplication becomes clear.  Dua is the gist of Obadiah.. The other methods of Istikhara that are suggested by some persons aren't may noon. Salatul Istikhara can likewise be the portion of pray of goodness.
In a thriving relationship, no one person's needs are somewhat more important. There's no true demand for newlyweds to binge. You Know everything, and I don't know, and You've got knowledge of the unseen. Something should change. Now you will bring to mind the topic for which you're making istikhara. Frankly, their personal opinions aren't related to your marriage. Along with having the exact fights, whenever these arguments grow in intensity as time passes, you ought to be wary.

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kala jadu books

سفلئ عملیات حب 
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jinn ko qabo kerna-sifli amal

حضرات ریضا بیگم,سفلی

ریضیا بیگم خناس میں سے ھے اور جب حاضر ھوتی ھے تو ننگا رکس کرتی ھے ،عمل میں کامیابی 7-14--41-21  ھوتی ھے,عمل کی تعداد ١١٠٠ مرتبہ

یے بڑا زبردست عمل ھے اور اس سے اپ ظاہری و مخفی بےشمار قوتوں کے مالک بن سکتے ھیں ،بٰخں
دوران عمل بخورات و بھینٹ کا مکمل خیال رکھیں ،یے  صرف ایک رات کا عمل ھے ،اگر اپ قوت ارادی اور
بھرپور اعتماد کے ساتھ  اس کہ کریں تو کامیابی یقینی ھے

 ور مکمل نقش و طریقہ ۔بہت اسان عمل ھے پر بہت طاقت ور۔جو کرے گا لطف اٹھاے گا۔ ١٠٠فیصد کامیابی 

کی گرنٹی کے ساتھ
     ھدیہوقیمت ؛١٠٠٠٠روپے

kala jadu taweez love-sifli taweez

kala jadoo taweez amal for love:

ye taweez kale ilm ka sardar taveez ha aur ye bohat he azmoda aur mujarab ha ,logo ne bohat se tawiz azmaie  hon ge magar ye mohabat aur mehboob ko foren bhulane ke lie jadue asar rakhta ha,pehle mein ne socha ke is ko posheeda rakho per ab ye am istemal ke li hazer ke mokalat shayteen foren mehbob ko hazer ker dete han.

tareeqa istamal :

sub se pehle amil pur sukoon jgha ka intezam kere jahan shor o gul bilkul na ho aur na he koi disturb kere pher naha dho kar ache khushboo laga kar baithe aur bukhoor looban zikr aur uood roshan kare phir in taweezat ko 21 martaba aleida aleida safad papers per likhe aur bukhoor ke dhone de .ja 21 taveezat likh le to phir in per isi abarat o asma ko 7-7 martaba dum kere aur ache thara dhoni de ker kale dhage se band ker de aur kisi wazan ke neche dba de ya bhetar ha ke dheke ke mehboob ka ansar kon sa ha aur pher us tareeqe se istamal kere. 

sharayat e amal :

amal se pehle 2 adad kali murge azazil o mulakat ke naam ke zibbah ker ke kisi viran gha per phenk de ya qabristan me daal de .

beshak mehboob agar hazar koos ke fasle per bhi ho ga to zaroor hazer ho ga .

cure for childs health

bachon ke sukhe pun se nijat/children who are getting weak day by day:

jo bache din ba din shokhte ja raha hon ya un ka weight kam hota ja raha jo to ye masan ye alamat ha aur shayteen jinnat ke asrat ka nateeja ha ,is ke lie ye tareeqa buhat azmoda ha ,ek papeta le kar us ka tukra kat len aur us per pure sura ahad likhe aur jab bacha soo ji to uske sar per latka den ,jaise wo tukra sokhta ji ga bacha tandrust ho gi ga.mujrab ha.

:if a person or a child is loosing weight day by day and is getting weak take a piece of pumpkin and write sura ahad on it and hang it
on the top of babies or person head,as the piece of the pumpkin will get dry the child will be free from the disease.

kali devi-mantra

kali devi /lilith goddess:

jai kali ma!!!

kali devi or goddess lilith are the same thing and is the daughter of satan and has a very powerful jin behind it.when the magician does kalis ritual the jinn behind it comes into action and comes to help the or the one casting the spell or doing the ritual.kalis picture shall be printed on photo paper and pasted in front while doing the ritual.

The things kali devi loves:

kali devi jinn loves the most is the blood sacrifice and the offering for lilith in the ritual is blood and semen .if an offering of  a black goat is given before the kalis ritual it comes very quickly and after every work demands a sacrifice.

The other thing that should be kept in mind is burning butter google and til mixed together on coal after each 100 times the mantra is recited,a good incense shall also be burnt while chanting the mantra.and should be recited 365 times.

kali devi also likes a sprinkle of whiskey or wine after the ritual is finished on the burning coal.

kali devi mantra as given to me by the ustad:

kali kali mha kali indra ke bete brahma ke sali
khae pan bajae tali tera wachan na gi khale adam
sudham fahreeng kali devi suutlan jo me khao wo
ker ke lai jaldi se hazir ho ji jo mera itna kam na ker ke lie to shansha iblees ke khoon se nahawe.

the time and place shall be fixed and the time for starting the ritual is 12.00 o clock and the bhent or offering shall be made before starting the ritual.


this ritual shall be done by permission of your ustad or your teacher and not to be done by children or people under 16 years of age .

symptoms of jinni possessing:

Note: the below material is extracted from the works of Adbusalaam Bali, the full versions can be downloaded in PDF format from our Ruqyah resources page.

Symptoms of Jinn possession / Magic

These symptoms have been divided into three categories:
1. Those which occur when one is awake
2. Those which occur when one is asleep
3. Sudden behavioural changes that one may experience that are out of character.

1. Symptoms when one is awake:

1 - Turning away, in particular, from acts of worship and obedience, the remembrance of Allah (swt) (Dhikr) and reading the Quran. Allah (swt) says: And whosoever turns away blindly from the remembrance of the Most Gracious (Allah (swt) (i.e. this Quran and worship of Allah (swt), we appoint for him Shaytaan to be a Qarin (a companion) to him. And verily, they (Shayateen) hinder them from the path (of Allah (swt) but they think that they are guided aright - (Al-Zukhruf 43:36-37)
2 - Erratic behaviour in one's words, deeds and movements. Allah (swt) says: (Those who eat Riba will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaytaan leading him to insanity.) (Al-Baqarah 2:275)
3 - Seizures (with no medical cause); there are signs to indicate that a seizure has devilish causes.
4 - Paralysis of a limb (with no medical cause).
5 - Being quick to get angry or weep with no apparent cause.
6 - Sitting in the toilet for a long time, and talking to oneself.
7 - Constant headache with no medical cause, which is not eased by painkillers.
8 - Irregular menstruation in women.
9 - Not producing children although both husband and wife are medically sound and able to reproduce.
10. Depression. - Depression refers to intense sadness. It is a widespread mental illness, indeed one of the most widespread. As for mild sadness or feeling "blue", this is a normal and natural emotion which hardly anyone can escape, not even a believer. Allah (swt) says: Secret counsels (conspiracies) are only from Shaytaan, in order that he may cause grief to the believers. - (Al-Mujaddilah 58:10) If that sadness increases and takes over a person, it becomes depression.
Signs of depression:
- Feeling distressed and sad
- Loss of appetite
- Lack of focus, forgetfulness
- Sleep disturbances, weight loss
- Lack of sexual desire
There are other signs when one is awake, but they may be caused by other life circumstances, such as not succeeding in efforts to get married, repeatedly failing to do so etc.

2. Symptoms when one is asleep:

1 - Frightening nightmares, which includes seeing various kinds of creatures such as ghosts or apparitions, seeing oneself falling from a high place, seeing people in strange forms, and snakes. A man may see a woman who wants him to have intercourse with her (and vice versa) constantly in his dreams, or he may see someone threatening him.
2 - Insomnia, anxiety and fear upon waking.
3 - Talking loudly in one's sleep, or moaning and groaning.
Note: A person should not be regarded as being possessed by Jinn if any of these symptoms occur. No one can be certain that a person has been possessed by Jinn until after the Quran has been recited over them, so these symptoms should not be taken as definitive evidence of Jinn possession.

3. Sudden behavioural change

Signs of sudden behavioural change that has to do with a person's inward attitude.
The below is a general guidline for all Muslims. However for practising Muslims who did not have these qualities before but find a sudden strange inclination to them, should get themselves checked with Ruqyah as soon as possible.
- Associating others with Allah (swt) (Shirk) - Minor Shirk (showing off)
- Being angry with the divine decree (like saying 'why has this happened to me?' etc)
- Forgetting Allah (swt) and the Hereafter
- Feeling safe from the plot of Shaytaan and getting carried away in sin and relying on Allah (swt) 's mercy
- Despairing of the mercy of Allah (swt)
- Thinking badly of Allah (swt)
- Deliberately telling lies about Allah (swt) and the Messenger of Allah (swt) (saw)
- Arrogance, self-admiration and showing off
- Loving to be praised for doing acts of worship
- Deceit, Hypocrisy, Greed, Stinginess
- Hidden anger, grudges and envy
- Turning away from people out of arrogance and scorning them
- Looking at the rich and venerating them because of their richness
- Fear of poverty
- Mocking the poor because of their poverty
- Competing in worldly gains
- Loving to be praised for what one has not done
- Being preoccupied with the faults of others whilst ignoring one's own faults
- Strong feelings for religions other than the religion of Allah (swt)
- Mocking the slaves of Allah (swt) , looking down on them and despising them
- Thinking badly of Muslims
- Not accepting the truth because it goes against one's own whims and desires, or hating those who speak the truth
- Rejoicing in sin and Persisting in sin
- Acquiring knowledge for worldly gain (showing off)
- Offending the close friends of Allah (swt) and taking them as enemies
- Showing evil behaviour and foul language so as to make people fear you and avoid your evil 

Types of Magic Sihr and Possession Masaha

1. Sihr of Separation

Allah (swt) says: (...and they follow what the Shayateens recited over Sulayman's Kingdom. Sulayman disbelieved not but the Shayateens disbelieved, teaching the people sorcery, and that which was sent down upon Babylon's two angels, Harut and Marut; they taught not any man, without they said, 'We are but a temptation; do not disbelieve.' From them they learned how they might divide a man and his wife, yet they did not hurt any man thereby, save by the leave of Allah (swt), and they learnt what hurt them and did not profit them, knowing well that whosoever buys it shall have no share in the world to come; evil then was that they sold themselves for; if they had but known.) (2:102)
Jabir (ra) reported that the Prophet (saw) said: "Iblis would lay his throne on water and would send his brigade of demons. The lowest among them in rank is the one who is most notorious in stirring up fitna. One of the demons would, after a mission, come and say to Iblis, 'I have done so and so.' Iblis would reply, 'You have not done anything.' Another one would come and say: 'I have not left such and such person until I separated him from his wife.' Iblis would come closer to his demon and say, 'How good you are.'" - (Muslim in An-Nawawi : 17/157)

Definition of Sihr of Separation

It is a Sihr which aims to separate between two spouses, or stir up hatred between two friends or two partners.
Symptoms of Sihr of Separation:
1. A sudden change in attitude from love to hate.
2. Exaggerating the causes of disputes between two people, even though they may be trivial.
3. Changing the mental image that a woman may have of her husband, or changing the mental image that a man may have of his wife; so that the man would see his wife in an ugly way, even though she were beautiful. In reality, it is the demon who is entrusted with the task of performing this type of Sihr is the one who would appear to the husband in her person, but in an ugly way. By the same token, the woman would see her husband in a horrible way.
4. The person affected by Sihr hates anything the other party does.
5.The person affected by Sihr hates the place in which the other party stays. For instance, a husband may be in good mood when he is outdoors, but when he returns home, he feels quiete depressed.
According to Al-Hafidh Ibn Kathir, the cause of separation between two spouses through this Sihr is that each of them appears to the other as an ugly or ill-mannered person. - (Tafsir lbn Kathir: 1/144)

2. Sihr Al-Mahabba / At-Tiwala (Love)

The Prophet (saw) said: "Ar-ruqa, at-tama'im and at-tiwala are acts of polytheism." - (Imam Ahmad) (1/381)
According to Ibn Al-Athir, At-Tiwala is a type of Sihr which makes a man love his wife. The reason why this type of Sihr is classed by the Prophet (saw) as an act of polytheism is because those who have it done for them believe that it has an effect and does the opposite of what Allah (swt) has prescribed. - (An-Nihaya: 1/200)
I would like to emphasise that the ruqyah referred to in the above hadith is the one which seeks the assistance of Jinn and devils and consists of acts classed as polytheistic. However, the ruqyah which is based on the Quran and lawful supplications of Allah (swt) is lawful, according to scholars. It is reported in Sahih Muslim that the Prophet (saw) was quoted as saying: "There is no harm in using ruqyah as a means of treatment provided it does not consist of anything polytheistic."

3. Sihr At-Takhyil (False Appearance of Objects)

Allah (swt) says: They said, "Moses, will you throw something down or shall we be the ones to throw." He said, "You throw!" So when, they charmed people's eyes and overawed them. They produced a splendid Sihr. And We revealed to Moses: 'Cast thy staff.' And lo, it forthwith swallowed up their lying invention. So the truth came to pass, and false was proved what they were doing. So they were vanquished there, and they turned about, humbled. And the sorcerers were cast down, bowing themselves. They said, 'We believe in the Lord of al-'Alamin (Jinn and mankind), the Lord of Moses and Harun. (7:117-122) They said, 'Moses, either you will cast (something) or shall we be the first to cast (a spell)?'. It seemed to him under the effect of their Sihr that their ropes and stuff were sliding. (17:65-66)
1. A fixed object would appear to be mobile, while a mobile object would appear to be fixed for the viewer.
2. A small object would appear large, while a large object would appear small for the viewer.
3. The false appearance of objects: Under the effect of the magic of Pharaoh's sorcerers, ropes and rods appeared to viewers as real snakes.

4. Sihr Al-Junun (Lunacy)

Kharija Ibn Salat reported that his paternal uncle went to the Prophet (saw) and declared his conversion to Islam. On his way back, his uncle passed by a people who had fettered a lunatic in chains. They said: "We were told that your companion (the Prophet (saw)) has brought good with him. Do you have anything with which to cure our lunatic?" I recited al-Fatiha and he was cured. They gave me one hundred sheep and then approached the Prophet (saw) to inform him of it. He asked: "Did you say anything other than this?" I replied: "No." He said: "Take it, for by my life, some would accept in return for a false Ruqyah, but you have done this with a genuine one." According to another narration, "the man cured him by reciting al-Fatiha for three days, day and night; whenever he finished reciting it, he would gather his saliva and spit."
1. Severe absentmindedness and forgetfulness
2. Confused speech
3. Bulging eyes and deviation of sight
4. Restlessness
5. Inability to do a task regularly
6. Disinterest in one's appearance
7. ln severe cases, one can tell from a lunatic's face that he does know where he is going, and he would probably sleep in derelict places

5: Sihr Al-Khumul (Lethargy)

How this happens
A sahir would send a Jinn to the targeted person, instructing him to settle in his brain and make him introverted and lonely. The Jinn would do his best to carry out the mission, and the symptoms of this Sihr would appear, according to the strength and weakness of the Jinn entrusted with the task.
1. Love of seclusion
2. Absolute introversion
3. Constant silence
4. Anti-sociability
5. Absentmindedness
6. Frequent headaches
7. Quietness and constant lethargy

6: Sihr Al-Hawatif (Bad Dreams & Hearing Voices)

1. The patient experiences nightmares
2. The patient sees in a dream as if someone were calling him
3. The patient hears voices talking to him when awake, but cannot see where these voices are coming from
4. The patient hears much whispering (Al-Waswas)
5. The patient is very suspicious of his/her friends and relatives
6. The patient dreams of seeing himself/herself falling from a high place
7. The patient dreams of seeing himself/herself being chased by animals 

7: Sihr Al-Maradh (Illness)

1. Constant pain in one part of the body 2. Epilepsy
3. Paralysis of one area of the patient's body
4. Total paralysis of the body
5. Disability in of one of the sense organs 

8: Sihr An-Nazif (Bleeding Following Menses)

How it is achieved
This type of Sihr affects women only. A sahir sends a Jinn to the targeted woman and instructs him to cause her to bleed. To do so, the Jinn enters the woman's body and circulates in her veins and arteries with the blood. This notion of circulation has long been warned about by the Prophet (saw) in the following tradition: "Shaytaan circulates in man's body like blood." - (Al-Bukharee: Fath Al-Bari: 4/282)
When the Jinn reaches a known vein in the woman's womb, he stomps it so that the vein bleeds. This fact was also pointed out by the Prophet (saw) when Hamna bint Jahsh asked his opinion on the issue of bleeding outside the period of menses, and he said: "Such bleeding is but one of Shaytaan's stomping." - (At-Tirmidhi)
According to another tradition, the bleeding "is the result of Shaytaan's stomping on a vein rather than from a normal menses." - (Imam Ahmad and An-Nasai)
Therefore, according to both traditions, a menstruation that occurs outside its normal period is one of the Shaytaan's stomps on one of the womb's veins.
According to scholars of Fiqh (jurisprudence), an-nazif refers to al-istihadha (continuous menstruation), and according to doctors, it refers to bleeding.
According to Ibn Al-Athir, al-istihadha means bleeding following a normal menses. This bleeding may last for months, and the amount of blood could be little or large.

9: Sihr of Impeding Marriage

The Jinn has two options
1. If he can enter the girl, then he would cause her to feel uncomfortable with any prospective husband and; thus, turn him down.
2. If he cannot enter the girl, then he would use the Sihr of imagination, from outside. As a result, a suitor would see the girl in an ugly image under the effect of the Jinn's whispering, and so would the girl.
Under the effect of this Sihr and under the Jinn is whispering, a suitor, who would have initially agreed to the marriage, would decline after a few days, without any valid reason.
In cases of a strong Sihr, a suitor would, upon entering the house of his prospective wife, feel very uncomfortable and see darkness before him as if he were in prison, and so would never return. During the period of this Sihr, the Jinn may cause the girl to experience occasional headaches.
1. Occasional headaches, which persist despite medication
2. Severe tightness in the chest, especially between al-'asr and midnight
3. The patient sees the suitor in an ugly image
4. Absentmindedness
5. Anxiety during sleep
6. Occasional constant stomach-aches
7. Pain in the lower part of the back 

10. Al Sihr Ar-rabt (Penile Erection Problem during intercourse), Al- 'ajz al-jinsi (impotence) and Adh-dhu'f al-jinsi (sexual weakness)

Ar-Rabt Al-'ajzal-jinsi (sexual inability / impotence):
The man affected by this type of Sihr feels active and energetic about having sexual intercourse with his wife. His penis is even erected as long as he is distant from his wife. Nevertheless, as he approaches her, his penis shrinks and is unable to have sexual intercourse. It means a man's inability to have sexual intercourse with his wife, whether he is distant from or near her, as his penis cannot erect.
Adh-dhu'f al-jinsi (sexual weakness):
A man can only have sexual intercourse with his wife after long periods. Sexual intercourse takes place for only a short time; after which the penis looses its rigidity.
Ar-Rabt in Women (sexual frigidity)
Just as a man suffers from ar-rabt (penile erection failure) and is unable to have sexual intercourse with his wife, a woman, too, may suffer from ar-rabt (frigidity).
There are some types of rabt in women:
1. Rabt al-man'(obstruction): It occurs when a woman prevents her husband from having sexual intercourse with her.
2. Rabt at-taballud (lack of sexual feeling): The Jinn entrusted with the mission of Sihr settles in the centre of sexual feeling in the woman's brain and causes her to lose her sexual feeling, at the moment of sexual intercourse with her husband. As a result, she feels no sexual pleasure and does not respond to her husband. Her body becomes numb even if her husband does what he wishes with her. In this type of Sihr, the glands do not release the fluid which lubricates the vagina, and therefore, the sexual act cannot be achieved.
3. Rabt An-nazif (bleeding at the time of sexual intercourse): This is different from Sihr an-nazif in one aspect. While, rabt An-nazif is confined to the time of sexual intercourse, Sihr an-nazif may last for several days. In this type of Sihr, the Jinn causes heavy bleeding to the targeted woman at the time of sexual intercourse with her husband, and thus prevents the man from having sexual intercourse with his wife. One day, one man, who was a soldier, told me that whenever he came home for holidays, his wife would bleed as soon as he arrived home. The bleeding would last for the holiday period which was approximately five days, but would stop as soon as he went back to work.

meaning of jinn possession

a person possessed by a jin:

it means that an alien creature has invaded your soul and they have the ability to get into the human soul as they are made of fire the element of air they can enter the body by nails through mouth ,but there are three stages in which they can invade a body.

1)in extreme happiness when a person is laughing loud with his mouth open

2)in extreme anger when a person is out of control

3)in extreme sex and lust when a person is too much in state of lust

so when the person is we say a jinn possessed he see that creature some times and his body shakes or shivers and the entity has a control over him.

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they can be of different religion and races and Satan are there in washrooms ,bathrooms,dirty places.
 The above is the root meaning of the word Jinn. The existence of the Jinn is firmly established by the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah and the consensus of the Scholars (Ijma’) It suffices to say that the word Jinn and its derivatives occur more than 29 times in the Qur’an. A related word "shaytan" and its plural "shaytana" together occur more than 80 times. In fact, there is an entire Surah called Surah Al-Jinn, which speaks in clear explicit terms about the Jinn.
The reality, which we have to affirm, is that the Jinn live in an established world unseen to us. They eat and drink, and procreate. Similar to Humans, some are righteous while others are not.
The Jinn were created before the creation of mankind. Their origin is from fire. The Qur’an verified these facts in Surah Al-Hijr: